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Oil & Gas Field Services

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Oil & Gas Field Services

About The Division

  • Installation of new pipe Lines
  • Maintenance of existing pipe Lines
  • Pipe Line Excavation and back filling works
  • Pipe Line Coating and painting works
  • Cable Trench excavation and all Kind of earth works
  • Construction of Oil Pit
  • Construction & Maintenance of Access Roads (ROW), Well Pads & well Locations
  • Fencing works for camps and Locations
  • Provide of vacuum tankers and Oil Tankers
  • Supply of Sleeper & Foundations for Flow lines
  • Supply of Diesel Generators for wells and camps
  • Oil Spillage cleaning & HDPE Liner Installation
  • Transportation Services to Oil and Gas Exploration and production sectors
  • Supply of Crews for maintenance works Including (Technician, Permit holders, Permit Applicant, Workers, Helpers)

C.R: 1008073, P.O. Box : 1897,

Postal Code : 130, Sultanate of Oman.

Mobile:+968 9978 7787


Office Tel : 2412 5433

Fax : 24613752.